* The fatal capitalistic choice: two days, one night / deux jours, une nuit *

The topic of this film is the perverted choice of these days typical neo – liberal working
conditions: to take a bonus payment or to agree to keep an employee and not to take the bonus. It´s not the boss that decides this: its the workers themserves, in an “election” so even more competition, mistrust and the delegation of the power to the workers as a means not to be responsable a bit like in Lars von Trier´s “The Boss of it all”.

But here this is not a comedy, this is real live, with depressions, fears, bills to pay, children to feed etc. Marion Cotillard (Sandra) plays the role of a factory worker, just recovered from a depression, trying to convince her colleges in two days and one night to vote for her, in a stunning way.

Although after short time, the plot is obvious, the tour de force is in no minute boring.The constellaton is the philosophical one of everyman and everywomen: To decide yourself, if you wanna be a selfdetermined subject or a pure object of capitalistic decicions.

To my point of view, this is the brothers Dardennes´ best movie so far, in the line of Mike Leigh, Aki Kaurismäki`s working trilogy or Ken Loach´s political cinema.

See it still in some berlin cinemas like FSK Kino – although there were not many spectators, guess it is a bit, like Bertold Brecht says: nobody likes to see “real life problems” in the theatre/in the movies. We want to see “the other world”, stars, heroes, glamour.

One personal thing in the end: Looking for a new job, from january 2015 on, explaining the politics, the district and the berlin senate, why it is so necessary to finance my work position over the last weeks, I really felt quite often like Sandra in this movie. The last scene is so strong, I won´t forget.

Interview de Marion Cotillard Deux jours, une nuit (french)

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