Playlist: the little dog laughed # 11: * Howling songs for mad dogs & Chihuahuas *

the little dog laughed radio #11
25.12.2014 2230 -24h @ piradio
link for relisten soon to come

Intro: Pink Floyd – “Madeleine howls Blues” (live)

My Beautiful White Dog – Vincent Gallo (When)
A dog river – Esmerine (la Lechusa)

(“The little dog laughed” excerpt #1 – John Fante)

Little Brown Dog – Mo Kolors (s/t)
suburban dogs – real estate (daytrotter session)
dogheart II – growlers (guilded pleasures)
Rain Dogs – Tom Waits (rain dogs)
thirsty dog – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (let love in)
I wanna be your dog – sonic youth (confusion is sex)
Chihuahua – sugarcubes (stick around for joy)
Dreaming Dog – Uke of Spaces Corners (ovum)
When the dog days are drawing to an end – The caretaker (patience)

(“timbuktu” excerpt #1 – Paul Auster)

Pariah Dogs – Ulaan Khol (La Catacomb)
little dog – liam the younger (Clear Skies Over Black River)
black dog – herman dune (they go to the woods)
I Miss My Dog – Ignatz (beacause time is too short)
My Dog Is Every Bit As Good As Me – bobby brown (live)
le filles et les chiens – Jacques Brel (l´integral)
Dog´s Got A Bone – the beta band (the three ep´s- champions versions)

(“timbuktu” excerpt #2 – Paul Auster)
(“The little dog laughed” excerpt #2 – John Fante)

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