Playlist : The little dog laughed radio # 12 “horizons”

Thanksgiving – I threw it all away (2013)

Here´s yesterday´s playlist (Soon for relistening here:

playlist: The little dog laughed radio #12 „horizons“

Herman Düne  vs. Stanley Brinks
“Stanley Brinks” – Stanley Brinks (7”)
Herman Düne – On the knick (mash concretly metal mushroom)

Noir desir vs. Détroit
Noir desir – Comme elle vient (666667 club)
Détroit – Horizons (Horizons)

Red House Painters vs. Sun kil Moon .vs Mark Kozelek
Sun kil Moon: tomorrow is already here (third and seneca 10”)
Red house Painters: Wop a din din (old ramon)
Mark Kozelek: Leo and Luna (nights lp)

Songs: Ohia vs. Magnolia Electric Co. (Jason Molina r.i.p.)
Songs: Ohia : Ring the bell (depression nr 42, demo – Didn´t it rain LP deluxe)
Magnolia Electric Co : Riding with the Ghost (Magnolia Electric Co.)

Microphones vs. Mt. Eerie
Microphones : Headless Horsemann (the Glow pt.2)
Microphones : Solar system (Mount Eerie LP)
Mount Eerie : Stop singing (Black wooden ceiling opening 10”)

Thanksgiving vs. Adrian Orange
Adrian Orange: While you live (Bitches is Lord)
Thanksgiving: I threw it all away (post production / twilight, bandcamp)

Aidan John Moffat vs. Arab strab
Aidan John Moffat: Number on my hand (Sad songs for dirty lovers 7”)
Arab Strab: Speed date (7”)

Talk Talk vs. Mark Hollis
Talk Talk: Renee (it´s my life)
Mark Hollis: Watershed (Mark Hollis)

The riot squat (David Bowie): little girl blue (Toy Soldier EP 7”)

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