Moon in the Mind: the Saddest Music in the World set @ Roter Salon (Selection)

true blue – dirty beaches (live)

Here´s a selection of the tracks, I played at the “saddest music in the world contest”@ roter salon as “the little dog cried” before the live acts played & after the concerts.

I haven´t recorded all of the songs of that night, just a selection of old blues, gospel, tangos combined with some recent ambient tracks, loner folk of the 60ies, gospel – all of them deadly sad until rodriguez´ends with: “i`m gonna laugh instead of crying – I am gonna live until I die” – cover photo by jlt (shot in stuttgart)


aine o´dwyer/ilyas ahmed/twinsistermoon/d.t.broughton/lewis/seu jorge/nina simone/matt elliot/jim ransom/dave bixby/john jacob niles/michael yonkers/ed askew/shirley ann lee/kid prince moore/washington phillips/g.katsaros/clara rockmore/”one of you”/Pjotr Leschenko/Ada Falcon/nora guthrie/george auric/Talk Talk/Songs:Ohia/Dirty Beaches/micah blue smaldone/Smog/Palace/Sun Kil Moon/vic chesnutt/wanda davis/george lewis/mahalia jackson/ gil scott-heron/g.brassens/jean ferrat/thanksgiving/mount eerie/rodriguez

* for detailed tracklist see mixcloud *

2h 24 min

by the little dog cried


jim ransom – it´s so profound

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