* Playlist the little dog laughed radio #13 *


the little dog laughed radio # 13 – playlist
19.2 2015 2230 – 24 pm @ piradio

All is written – Matana Roberts (Coin Coin # 3 – river runs thee)
The cload of unknowing – Aine O´Dyver (Music for Church cleaners pt. II)
Fleuve – O Paon (Fleuve)
Stuck here – Minipops Junior (Koma)
The Grail and The Lotus – Robbie Basho (the Art of the Acoustic Steel String Guitar 6 & 12)
Carnival – Jackson C. Frank (s/t)
no title – Olli Aarni (FET press line studies 7” series)
Sur le ventre – Faust (Just us)
titremek ve terlemek – Anadolu Bayramamlari (Science fiction Park Bundesrepublik – German home tape recordings of the 80ies)
Alakoro – Thiago Franca ft. Tony Allen aka Meta Meta (7”)
Sokota – Selamenesh Zemene (Bati EP)
Silva Lenheira – Wilson Simonal – (Mr. Bongo 7”)
Tim Maia – e neccessario (Mr. Bongo 7“
Mama Wa Kambo – Jasmin musical club (Pendo Kazi Yetu tape)
O kou – Stanislas Tohon (Dans le tchinck systeme)
mr. bigmouth – Tunde Williams (play with Africa 70, 12”)
Coming on the scene – Johnny and the attractions (call of the drums 7″)

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