Reissues short cuts: Arthur, Francis the Great & Stanislas Tohon

Here are some tracks from beloved reissues, I listen to in heavy rotation lately. First is Arthur´s “Dreams and Images” released via Light in the attic records / Lee Hazelwood records. 

Arthur – Dreams and Images

It´s a 30 minutes introspective loner / psych-folk / exotica masterpiece by Arthur Lee Harper, only to be compared maybe with Lewis, Rodriguez (both released lately on the same label)  Eden Ahbez or Jonathan Halper, but surely singular and unique.   The Songs are mostly 2 minutes miniatures, fragments, almost too fragile to be listened to.

To me personally, the most mesmerising track is the first one Blue museum, I will play at the saddest music in the word contest # 2 at easter in volksbühne.

“don´t know why, there are tears in my eyes,                                                                               can it be,  i´ve met you before, the threats of my life, worn thin and bare                              fade like like yesterdays dreams”

Light in the Attic:

“The pantheon of performers known by but one name is full of superstars. Arthur–the nom de plume of singer-songwriter Arthur Lee Harper–is not one of them, but this gentle singer-songwriter and his wan, string-drenched, loved-up, psych-folk was probably never likely to be suitable for mass consumption”

Comes with 3 bonus tracks and extensive liner notes, a beautiful designed book “Who is Arthur” with texts and photos about the live of Arthur Lee Harper.


Now to something completely different and way more sunnier, it´s almost spring in Berlin!  Ravissante Baby by Francis the Great aka Francis Mbarga, a 7 year old cameroon child, singing two afro funk tunes, release  originally 1977  and produced by his father, is now reissued by french afrosoul specialist Hot Casa records.

Especially the 12 minutes tune look up in the sky is a hyptotic afro – soul killer track, while the flipside is more of a latin cuban dance track.


Stanislas Tohon – Dans le Tchink Systéme

We´ll stay with Hot casa records and travel to Benin, where Stanislav Tohon created in 1979 a fantastic mix between afro soul and traditional rhythms from Benin, sung in native language with his vis a vis band, he called his Tchink Systéme. Especially Yallow 2 and O Kou are my faves.

More infos here @ hot casa –  by the way, wonderful photos, liner notes with an interview with Stanislav Tohon printed on the inner sleeve.


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