The Little Dog radio # 14 : “look up, look up in the sky & see the birds!” (updated / relisten)

emerald web – flight of the raven

piradio, 88.4 fm 19.3.2015, 2230 pm -24pm

Dawn – Emerald Web (stargate tapes)

old orientl folk

Nagmeh Esfahan (excerpt) – Hossein Farjami plays Santoor – Folkmusic from Iran
Areh Ya Nah – Firozee (oun key bood)
Amir Leghram – Lili Boniche (Alger Alger)
Crystalline – Björk & Omar Souleyman (The Crystalline Series)

new americana 7”, funeral folk and blues tapes & Saddest music contest preview

Trailways Ramble – Steve Gunn & The Black Twig Pickers (Seasonal Hire)
Green is the color – MV & EE (Woods split 7″)
Undulatus Asperatus- Sylvester Anfang II (Van Stekene tot Zomergem – sicsic tape)
Jesus is sweeter – Rev. Edward W.Clyborne (death is is not the end tape)
He is a mighty good leader – Beck (one food in the grave)
Blue Museum – Arthur (dreams and images)


Carnivale – Windy and Carl (Caliope 7”)
Look up in the sky – Francis the Great
Sleeping Trees – Nina Soul (Studio One: Women)
Emptyness – Mount Eerie (Sauna)


Flight of the raven – Emerald Web (stargate tapes)


windy & carl


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