* Jai Rama Chandra *

This is mixtape # 100 @ mixcloud – yippieh ! – with as a special my own dub-mix / mash – up of Alice Coltrane´s “Jai Rama Chandra”  from 30 min 50 sek. w/ * Chansons populaires de vietnam & a religious maroccan chant / A Sun Araw remix of Laraaji * Pakistan bollywood sounds from the wonderful “early pakistani dance music” & of the “folk & pop sounds of sumatra” compilation * Reggae & Dub by the Ethiopians, Lee Perry, Johnny & the Attracions, Count Machuki & Cornell Campbell w. King Tubby * Afro psych-rock by Burundi Black * Ethio Jazz by Teshome Wolde * Swing with Peggy Lee & the Rangoon gymkhanna orchestra


intro: Séperation – Mai Khanh (Chansons populaires de vietnam 7″)

Rubijah – Sri Merseng (Folk & Pop Sounds of Sumatra)                                                       Dance Music – M.Ashraf (Early Pakistani dance music)                                                       Dance Music – Azam Shaik (early Pakistani dance music)     
Burundi Black Pt.1 – Burundi Steipheson Black (7″)                                          
Jilali – Amwara (7″) unknown title – Teshome Wolde
More scorcha – Count Machuki & (studio one dj´s 10″)                                                       African Dub – Lee perry / Upssetters                                                       
My testimony – the Ethiopians (trojan dub plate)                                                               
Devil in bed – Cornell Campbell (lee´s gold)                                        
Cross my heart – Johnny & the Attractions 7″)
Jai Rama Chandra – Alice Coltrane vs. Rhythm & Sound vs. joe le taxi           
Fools rush in – Peggy Lee (gold)                
My Melancholy Baby – the Rangoon Gymkhanna Orchestra (africa/india-travellng with my own electronic portable Phonograph)                                                                                 
Tilturn – Sun Araw (Laraaji remixes)

outro: le repiquage du rit – Thuong huyen (Chansons populaires de vietnam 7″)

(There is silence of approx. half a minute after 26 min – see it as tape side a and side b or as the time to flip the record…)

by Joe le taxi
april 2015
52 min

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