* playlist little dog radio # 16: On Bandits, Christian lucifers & Cobra style dubs * (updated with link for listening)

playlist little dog radio # 16

Re – Listen / DL here: http://cba.fro.at/288074



Reverent C.L. franklin: father, I stretch my hands to thee (satan goes to prayer meeting)


Outsider folk:

perry leopold: saturday in the garden of delight (christian lucifer)
jandek: the cat that walked from shelbyville (you walk alone)
harbinger (dave bixby): cosmic energy (second coming)


80ies romantics:

robert wyatt & with ben watt – walter and john (summer into winter)
lewis baloue : Bon Voyage (romantic times)


Moondog: Oasis / tree frog / be a hobo (moondog and his friends 10”)


Numero reissue: the bandit label:

we have love – the arrows
darnell jones – come back home
you re a habit hard to break – Linda Ballentine


b side / Oan excerpt – tribo massahi (Estrelando Embaixador)


Cobra style Dub 7”:

aston barrett – cobra style
cottage by the seaside – maria anderson


Bellydance & bollywood reissues:

the joy of lina – Ihsan Al Munzer (Belly Dance Disco EP)
Kamal Ahmed: rangeela -Title Music (Early pakistan dance music)


Spiritual / Gospel .:

king of carrots pt 2 – NMH/Jeff Mangum (live at jittery joe´s)
the como mamas: out of the wilderness (7”)


I will trust in the lord – Reverent C.L. Franklin (…satan goes to prayer meeting)


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