* River *

Amazing fingerpicking masterpiece by Daniel Bachman, out via three lobed records. Think of John Fahey´s Zabriskie Point sessions, think of Jack Rose or the instrumental tracks by Robbie Basho. Especially the two parts of the “song for the setting sun” are heartbreaking, no additional voice is needed, it´s pure as that. Essential and in heavy rotation for a quite long time, I guess.

Three Lobed:

“Bachman has always been quick to have his music serve as a homage to his musical and geographical roots in Virginia. River is no exception. Here he tips his hat to Jack Rose (“Levee”) and William Moore (“Old Country Rock”) through his interpretations of their songs. Bachman’s playing and flourishes on these tracks simultaneously acknowledge the influence each of these men has on his development and style. His love for old American music and deft skill at adapting traditional tunes allows listeners of all levels of sophistication to feel welcome at his musical table. Whether one is newly discovering the world of American primitivism, or is already deeply into the experimental world, Bachman’s playing draws the listener in and takes them places.(…)”

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