* L´insurrection qui vient or Brother Malcolm – A Revolutionary Spiritual Jazz Mixtape *

La misére du monde (P.Bourdieu): Right now the world seems to collapse: 60 billions of refugees are seeking shelter & the people of Greece, Spain or Italy are kept in austerity by an European Union, letting people die in the mediterranian sea. Racist attacs in the USA are happening like we were in the old ages. It seems that the people of the “Committée invisible” were quite right and visionary, writing the book “l´insurrection qui vient/the coming insurrection” (I wrote about it here earlier) now followed by the recently published text “An unsere Freunde/to our friends”. Now it´s time for a united new protest movement for a real change.

Well, here´s a kind of spiritual jazz soundtrack to the ongoing & upcoming movements. It´s as well the “extrovertive” follow – up mix of my quiet albert camus spoken word track:

So let the spirit rise…


Intro: Lionel Hampton/
Brigitte Fontaine et Areski / John Coltrane / Ornette Coleman/ Sun Ra / Dr. Haki.R. Madhubuti / Vibration Society / Hailu Mergia / Idris Ackamoor & the Pyramids / Baroque Jazz Trio / Francois Tusques / Kamasi Washington / outro: Alice Coltrane *

60 min by joe le taxi
recorded the 20.6.2015,
world refugee day,
for detailed tracklist write me


Cover still is a photo of the “Mobilisation General – Protest and Spirit Jazz in France” LP out via Born Bad records, some songs or excerpts of it are featured in this mix as well. Merci.

Francois Tusques

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