tomorrow: down by the river # 7

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Tomorrow is the seventh edition of the lovely down by the river fest in the about blank club garden at ostkreuz with live concerts by julie doiron, frank fairfield, b.b.sea, orchestre tout puissant marcel duchamp, dj sets by analog africa, mohair sam and many others more. I will play a dj set from midnight to 2 am most likely a mixture of psych-folk, old shellack swing & new orleans jazz and some selected indie / anti / whatever folk. See if this goes together.

More infos:

There will be tickets at the door for 20 €.



Große Bühne (outdoor)

14:00 Erfolg
15:30 B.B. Sea
17:00 Doctorella
18:30 Julie Doiron
20:30 Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp
22:00 DJ Momo Love
00:00 DJ Joe le Taxi
02:00 DJ Saal-C

Kleine Bühne (outdoor)

14:45 Viktor’s Joy
16:15 Featherweights
17:45 Frank Fairfield
19:30 Lach


15:00 Razor Cunts
16:30 Helmut Erler
18:00 Canyon Spree
19:30 Farfara
22:00 DJs Analog Africa, Jimmy Trash, Mohair Sam


Warm-Up (extra tickets needed!)

Freitag, 03.07.2015 in der Kantine am Berghain.

20:00 Einlass
20:30 More Eats
21:15 The Dropout Patrol
22:00 The Burning Hell


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