I thought I heard Buddy Bolden sing – Joe le Taxi´s Southern Journeys Down by the River

Here´s the dj set I played yesterday @ down by the river festival in the garden of the about: blank club from around 00.15-1.45 a.m. with 31 C. temperature outside.
(the set has to be shortened for 30 minutes though a storm was about to come and the dj after me liked to start a bit earlier with his set because of that)

So here are 90 minutes of almost 100 years of music history: From 20ies swing, ragtime & rumba shellac recordings to 50ies gospel, new orleans jazz, african, latin & caribian dance tracks & trinidadian calypsos to 70ies souls until being in 2015 again with Algiers amazing Gospel “blood”. As a bonus the mix ends with Frank Fairfield, who played a heartbreaking concert yesterday. Thank you!

With: lecuana cuban boys / alfonso esparza / burt ambrose / sydney bechet / jerry roll morton / tommy dorsey / the sixth station / mahalia jackson / ti paris / miriam makeba / george moxey / dutch ryhthm steel & show band / frankie zhivago / george lewis / ural thomas / king kennytone / algiers / frank fairfield / etta james / the rangoon gymkhanna club orchestra / shirley ann lee / norma jean / etta cameron / lord invador / the lion

For detailed tracklist write me.
by joe le taxi 07/2015

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