Essential Filmscores: A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Well, the filmstart was a while ago already but it took me some time to grap the chance to see the movie A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night by Ana Lily Amirpour last week in an open air cinema. Although I liked the atmosphere and some scenes of the movie a lot – like the one posted here – and made me think of early Jarmush, The addiction by Abel Ferrara or Thirst by Chan-wook Park but I was not 100% convinced by the story and the characters, but I was overwhelmed by the filmscore and bought it yesterday digitally and soon most likly the double vinyl although quite expensive. (Death Waltz records)

It´s an amazing mix of persian psychedelia, 80 wave – romantics, some strange techno and
even two Ennio Morricone like western sounds like the ones by Federale or Kiosk.

Listen to the complete playlist here:

dance scene (Farah, Dancing Girls)

Kiosk – Charkhesh E Pooch

Still to see in some selected Berlin Cinemas and worth seeing it in the movies and not on DVD. By the way: The best films in life are imperfect ones. And this one is couragious.

Here is a Q & A with Ana Lily Amirpour with Vive Magazine:

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