Panahi´s “Taxi”

My second iranian film in 4 weeks after seeing “a girl walks home alone at night” lately. Jafar Panahi´s “Taxi”, winner of the Berlinale film fest is a celebration of humanity & respect and a strong subtile political fight against any forms of supression in iran. And it´s an ironic defence of the film itself and as well an homage to Jim Jarmush´s “Night on Earth” with short cuts, shot in a taxi in theheran.  But there are a lot of other hidden agendas to be discovered in this simple but nevertheless very rich film.  Enjoy it in several berlin cinemas.

Here is a good review in German weekly ZEIT.

And here is the emotional ceremony at the Berlinale giving the price to Panahi´s niece acting and playing an important role in his movie :

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