Manuscripts don´t burn

My third iranian film in 4 weeks and all of them were extraordinary! Althought already finished in early 2014,  Manuscripts don´t burn started last week in Berlin in fsk cinema with a q & a with director Mohammad Rasoulof. Outside was a huge storm and inside there was an intense humidity and this sticky, breathless atmosphere in the cinema fitted to the story of a movie, in which iranians intellectuals were persecuted by the state security.

Unlike his friend Panahi´s “Taxi”,   Rasoulof´s film is way more darker, more realistic and less humourous , ironic. There are surely intense scenes, but some of them are in my point of view too long, the story a bit too obvious and too predictable and it could be a better cut or at least shortened.

On the contrary,  the philosophic scenes with the discussion of the poets and the questions of how to deal in this society and who to trust could have been more shown in detail, cause these scenes are really moving, even more if you know that it is all based on a true story.

And the answer to the question of the audience in the discussion after the movie about the future of him as a director, who shoot the film partly illegal in iran and about the insecurity not to know, if he could return to his home country, gave a good idea, how present the theme of the movie still is.  See it in FSK Kino.

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