The little dog laughed radio # 18: relisten & film music set: Cosa Avete Fatto in Heaven, Ragazza Fuoristrada?

Here is the radio emission of last thursday for relistening and as an extra the film music set via soundcloud.  Listen or download it as well here:

Playlist: Little dog laughed radio #18,
3.9.2015, 2230 pm – 24 pm

• Intro: narration – count ossie & the mystic revelation of rastfari

• on the beach – philip cohran and the artistic heritage ensemble
• jagadishwar – alice coltrane
• Six Space Shuttles and 144,000 Elephants – lonnie holley
• love in outer space – polyversal souls
• n´niyo – amara touré
• cry me a river – sun kil moon
• medicin bottle – red house painters
• indian summer – luna
• I will lead us – annabel lee

• film music set (ca. 20 min):
w/ ennio morricone: cosa avete fatto a solange / spasmo / piero umilani: la ragazza fuori strada / mystery kindaichi band / david lynch: eraserhead excerpt / a girl walks home alone at night (KIOSK)

outro: omar souleymann – Enssa El Aatab

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