* For the Gentle Wind does move Silently, Invisibly (William Blake)

It´s been a while since my last post, so sorry for that, lot´s of work, meetings and debates about asylum law and politics in Europe. If you are interested in that, here are some texts, interviews and workshop outlines.

But let´s get back to music.

As a kind of annex to the saddest music in the world contest which took place the 3rd time in volksbühne the 6 th. of nov. here´s my third november songs compilation – a collection of spiritual, transcendental metaphysical folk songs & ambient tracks against the misery of the world.



cay truc xinh (vietnamese folk songs) // u hla nyunt (burmese folk songs and dances) // eloise decazes & delphine dora (song cycle) // ilyas ahmed (I am all your own) // Kevin morby (bridge to Gaia 7″) // Matt valentine (Anji Variations) // Scott Tuma (Eyrie) // Michael Yonkers (Grimwood // Stephen John Kalinich (A world of Peace must come) // Wilburn Burchette (Opens the seven Gates of transcendal conciousness)// Neil young (Dead man) // united bible studies (it´s the ale that cures…)

11/15 by joe le taxi
foto shot in fürstenwalde, around 2013,
for detailed tracklist write me

A World of Peace must come…


Listen to the wonderful new releases by okraina records, featured in the mix here & which I played at the saddest music contest as well:

And next week, the 26 nov. there will be a november songs special at the little dog laughed radio, 22.30 p.m.


By the way,  here is the special little dog / subcult 20 years piradio show from october with live acts by lukas lonski and laura l. / m.i.p.v.  in the studio and me playing some john peel songs for relistening.

Sondersendung Pi-Peel-Day
Datum: 08.10.2015
Sender: Pi Radio Berlin. UKW 88,4 Mhz
Moderation: Niki Matita und Joe Le Taxi

Gäste: Christine Braunersreuther (Kulturpoltische Sprecherin der KPÖ Graz), Laura L (Musikerin M.i.p.V), Lukas Lonski (Musiker Lonski & Claßen)

Niki Matita und Joe Le Taxi sprechen mit ihren Gästen über das Freie Radio Helsinki in Graz, die Situation von Freiem Radio in Österreich und Brasilien, tauschen Erinnerungen an John Peel und ans Radiohören aus, dazwischen spielen Laura L und Lukas Lonski jeweils ein live Set im Pi-Radio-Studio in der Lottumstraße.


Herman Dune – Pet Rabbit
Laura L – Fluxu (live)
Laura L – Cay Capreta (live)
Laura L – Bring Me Your Sea And I Give You My Ocean (live)
The House Of Love – Christine
Lukas Lonski – The Dream (live)
Lukas Lonski – As close As One Can Be (live)
Lukas Lonski – Everybody Knows (live)
The Undertones – Teenage Kicks



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