Playlist: The little dog laughed # 21 – November Songs II

26.11.2015 / 2230 – 24pm

• I wonder as I wonder – Éloïse Decazes & Delphine Dora (song cycle)
• A school was burned – A.Kostis  aka Kostas Besos (The jail is a fine school)
• Miskalizis tingardiemos – Levitros (Kara Kaslar EP)
• Yiddish Speaking Socialists of the Lower East Side (side a) – Ed Sanders (s/t)
• America I know you / A World of Peace Must Come – Steven John Kalinich (A world of peace must come)
• Dawn of awaking – Master Willburn Burchette (Opens the Gates of transcenental conciousness)
• I need to fix my body so i can light my mind on fire again – IIyas Ahmed (I am all your own)
• The holy life that´s coming – Chris Weisman (s/t)
• Bridge to gaia – Kevin Morby (Moonshiner 7“)
• The recruited collier – united bible studies (the ale´s that cures ye)
• Lonely Fog – Michael Yonkers (grimwood)
• It´s complicated – Stanley Brinks (Berlin 7“)
• The lovely bamboo – vietnamese folk music (7“)
• Burmanese harp – burma sings and dances (7“)
• Fushiawase to lu no neku – Maki Asakawa (s/t)

fade out:

10 min of jororowsky´s the holy mountain & jim jarmush´s dead man filmscores

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