the little dog laughed radio 2015 favourites special tonight

Rafael Anton Irisarri – Empire (a fragile geography)- just released not yet featured in the mix but an outstanding ambient LP

Tonight, 2230 pm – 24pm there will be a special edition of my the little dog radio emission with 2015 favourites. Listen here (stream)or berlin 88.4 fm / potsdam 90.7 fm

Here´s already a mix of my favourites 2015. Details to my personal favourites will follow the next days. Thanks for listening and merry christmas / happy holidays!


The Little dog laughed # 22 special – Best of 2015 mix

Africa – Scott Tuma (eyrie) ‏
Song For The Setting Sun II – Daniel Bachman (River)
Birds of Flims – Sun Kil Moon (Universal Themes)
By Now – Little Wings (Explains) ‏
I Wonder As I Wander – Eloise Decazes & Delphine Dora (Song Cycle)
No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross – Sufjan Stevens (Carrie & Lowell) ‏
Sweet Streams Of Nancy – United Bible Studies (It’s the Ale…) ‏
Youth – Mount Eerie (Sauna) ‏
Fleuve III – Ô Paon (Fleuve) ‏
Blue Spirit Blues – Maki Asakawa (s/t – Honest Jon´s)
Blood – Algiers (Algiers)
Winter Hearts – Snails (Talking to Anthony) ‏
Invisible Joy – The Polyversal Souls (s/t)
Berlin – Stanley Brinks & The Wave Pictures (Berlin) ‏
N’Niyo – Amara Touré (Amara Touré 1973-1980)
Change of the Guard – Kamasi Washington (The Epic)
I Will Lead Us – Annabel Lee (By the sea)
Displaced-Dirty Beaches (Stateless)


Here´s another ambient masterpiece I bought last week and that is not featured here but maybe too fragile to suit to a simple mixtape: Ian William Craig – Cradle for the Wanting (Recital)

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