* Celebrating the Hedonism of the depressed *

* Celebrating the Hedonism of the Depressed:The Saddest Music in the World Contest #IV (Selection) *

Here´s a selection of the songs I played at the “saddest music in the world contest #4” @ roter salon, Volksbühne last saturday. Some new ambient tracks are featured here by Rafael Irisarri or Ian William Craig, french & italian film music, moody tracks by Annabel (Lee) or Witch, loner folk & Blues by Ed Askew, Jandek, Frank Fairfield as well as excursions to Gospel, african & asian artists – and a small homage to David Bowie with a hardly known track from his first band “the riot squad”.

The title is a quote by thomas ebermann & the cover is a pic of Hasenheide at a cold full moon Night

prayer – Katie Mae Young  / Moon beyond the mist – Norma Lyon / Ian William Craig – Habit Worn & Wandering / Polly Magoo (ballade) – Michel Legrand / la valse de Marienbad – Alain Resnais / Annabel Lee – Believe/ united bible studies – sullivan´s john /juliette –  Jackson C. Frank / lonely fog – Michael Yonkers / the girl that walked from shelbvyville – Jandek / duncan & brady – Frank Farifield / Manta Ray – the godfather / gustavo – Mark Kozelek & jimmy la valle – /mr.dream – Ed Askew / silly boy blue – The Riot Squat / sakura la kon –  Samai Onwong / Volta jazz – Djougou Malola / the Lord will make A Way – Mighty Walker Brothers / John says  – Witch / Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child – Kathleen Emery / Sun Ra – Love Is For Always / Rafael Anton Irisarri – Empire Systems / Untitled pt 6 – James Blackshaw / Maki Asakawa (something)

* the little dog cried 2/16 *


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