* Playlist the little dog radio # 23: music & politics # 2 *

Here´s the playlist of last thursdays radio show the little dog laughed radio # 23 – No pasarán – Music & Politics #2 (with guest Fiwi Daliani) 18.2.2016 22.30 – 24h.@ piradio (for details write me, link for relistening soon). While the first music & politics show concentrated on american civil rights movement, black conciousness  and german protest songs this time we wanted to talk more bout international solidarity and antifascist songs from latin america and southern europe. But there will be a third show soon!

Thank you Fiwi for playing great songs and telling their stories!


Intro:  EZLN zapata Mix – Lace bows / resiste chiapas / monologo (Mexico)

Songs ´bout resistiance & oposition agains dictatorship & facism

El gallo rojo y el gallo negro (Spain)
Bung karno – Kelompok Kampungan (Indonesia)
Ay Carmela! (Spain)

Instrumental &  “unpolitical” songs that turned to political ones

Alegro piradissimo – Satwa (Lula Cortes, bresil)
Asma Asmaton (greece)
Leila – Kourosh Youghmaei (persia/ iran)

Refuge / migration / exodus:

Antra mou paei (Italie)
Count Ossie – Narration (jamaica)
Alger Alger – Lili Boniche (Algerie-France)

Middle east / israel / Palestine:
black ox orchestre – ver tanzt? (israel)
Jaff´ar Hassan – Palestinia (Iraque)

Anti-militarism / Strike:
Dios nunca muere (Mexico)
Boris Vian / Serge Reggiani – Le Deserteur (France)
A la huelga (Spain )

l´art et la revolte – Joe le taxi Mix (the beat poet tapes : Albert Camus/ Set Fire to flames, France)




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