* Beyond Fela – A collection of slow african tunes of the late 60ies & early 70ies *

I always wanted to do a compilation of slow african music, beyond afro beat, beyond african electronic music, beyond “Highlife” before the great godfathers Fela Kuti & William Onyeabor got famous. With the golden age of pure jazz & blues tunes, mostly from the 60 ies and 70ies with sometimes groovy polyrhthm but mostly slow & tender ending with an tarab tune from zanzibar.

Probs go to awesome tapes from africa for posting the “slow music from africa mixes, I took as inspiration, though no tunes are taken here from their mixes.


orchestre de la pailotte / rail band / super djata band du mali / le mysterie jazz du tombouctou / l`orchestre kanaga du mopti / nkengas / volta Jazz / amara touré / mangue konde / orchestre regional du mopti / african brothers band / jean bekolo / Tentemba Jazz Du Mali / number one de dakar / marijata / matano jumba /

by joe le taxi 02/16
(78 min)

The cover is a still of the atakora manu LP (I couldn´t use though the sound was too bad)

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