* Easter Sunday shortcuts: Senegal 70 / Aris San / Soul Sok Séga / Count Ossie / Sun Kil Moon & Jesu *

Easter Sunday´s selection of releases, that are since weeks in heavy rotation on my record player. So here are some picks of latest releases & reissues. Here we go:


Senegal 70 (Analog Africa)

First LP in heavy rotation is the long awaited compilation Senegal 70. I played already tracks like Fangool´s  heartbreaking “Mariama” above at the saddest music in the world compilation lately. But you´ll find apart from slow pearls like this here as well arabic, cuban and latin influenced previously unreleased recordings in the rich Senegal 70ies music scene.  Hypnotic like Orchestre Laye Thiam – Massani Cissé or the amazing “Ma Penda” by Orcheste Bawobab. Amazing artwork and liner notes as always at analog africa.


Aris San – Boum Pam/ Dam Dam 10″ (Fortuna)

A new 10″ comes from israels fortuna records, who releases after the Levitros 10″ another 2 Track EP with two songs by greek immigrant to israel Aris San. The Songs from 1968 are  sweet but as well danceable oriental psych-rock tracks.


Soul Sok Séga (Various, Strut)

A compilation of so called Séga sounds from the isle of Mauritius 1973 – 1979 comes from Strut records. Séga is the traditional music and known as the “blues of Mauritius” as the liner notes say. And besides its special melancholy it grooves like hell. A revelation!

Me I like especially the tracks sung in french like this one by Jean Claude (Gaspard) :

or Eliza (Georgie Joe):


Count Ossie & the Mystic Revelation of Ratafari – Tales of Mosambique

After the amazing “Rastafari – The Dreads enter Babylon” compilation, Souljazz remastered the masterpiece “Tales of Mosambique” by nyabinghi reggae godfathers Count Ossie. Essential reissue, featering two bonus tracks. (from a 7″ originally)

Sun Kill Moon / Jesu (Caldo Verde)

Now to something completely different: Not yet released as an LP (in April in Europe) but a few weeks ago already as CD is Sun Kill Moons collaboration with Justin K. Broadrick´s Project Jesu. I personally like the simple hardcore riffs, going together quite well with the narrative storytelling Mark Kozelek´s.

Especially the first song “Good morning my love”  or the above “A Song of shadows” are my faves.

The CD ends with almost ambient electronic tracks “Beautiful you” and “Exodus” these songs remind of the Sun Kil Moon / Jimmy Lavelle LP “Among the leaves”.

Looking forward to see Mark Kozelek playing live at Heimthafen Neukölln in June, for the first time in Berlin as far as I know.



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