* The little dog laughed radio # 25 (april 2016) *

@ piradio 14.4.2016

Intro: Sun Ra – I am strange (7“)

Outsider Folk:

Rev Galen – Heart lyric (okraina)
Dessus la mer – Eloizes Decazes/Eric Chenaux (okraina)
Sun kil moon/Jesu – good morning my love (Sun Kil Moon/Jesu)

Psychedelic Sounds from Asia:

Thang Vai – Khun Narin Electric Phin Band (II)
Pencak silat situbondo – Arrington de Dionyso (Unherard Indonesia)


Soul Sok Sega – Séga sounds from Mauritius 1973 – 1979 (Strut)
Mademoiselle – Jean Claude
Elisa – Georgie Joe
Senegal 70: Sanga Te – Orchestre Laye Thiam


Spektar – Istra III (1973/2016 Black Pearl)
Count Ossie – Run One Mile (1975/2016 Tales of Mosambique)

Afro/Afro Disco

Dam Dam – Iris San (Fortuna 10″)
Imidiann`Assouf – Hama (Sahel Sounds 10″)
Africa is not a country – Track 1 (Ainac 10″)
Fequadu amde maskal & Mulatu Astatke – Marina (Mr. Bongo 7″)


British Radars – Hood (British radars 7″)
The Feast Of St. Stephen – Matt Elliott (The calm before)

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