* La Belle Saison *

“Eine Sommerliebe” is the stupid German title (like always) of “La Belle Saison”. Starting with some well known simplified images full of klischees concerning womens liberation in the aftermath of ´68,  I was kind of surprised how deep and strong the film by Catherine Corsini continues.

It is in fact an amazing emotional simple but nevertheless breathtaking story of Carol and Delphine,  sometimes even more authentic and surely more realistic than “La Vie d´Adele – Blue is the warmest Color” by Abdellatif Kechiche (I wrote here earlier)  with stunning acors like especially Izïa Higelin and Cécile de France. And it is as well a subtile study about the relation between the french “classes” – the french “Bourgeoisie” – students and the “prolétaire” – farmers.

See it in FSK Kino and several other cinemas in Berlin since since quite a while. Here is an interview with director Catherine Corsini: http://www.labellesaison.de/

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