* Playlist: The Little dog laughed radio # 27 *

9.6.2016 21.30 – 23.h.@ piradio 88.4 fm link for relistening soon here


Intro / Kraak Showcase Preview:

Aria, the cloud – Lieven Martens Moana (music from the guardhouse, KRAAK)

Reissues / Compilations:

Calypso Music – Elworth James & Just Fab Deltones (Message from the islands, (Black Pearl)
Arne – Azna de L´Ader (Zabaya, Sahel Sounds)

Film / Film imagine:

La Ville pt 2 – Ahmet Malek (Musique original de films, habibi funk)
Duo / New York Harald Tribune – Martial Solal (A Bout de Souffle/ J.L.Godard Scores, Jeanne Dillmanns)
Les quatre cents coup – Jean Constantin (Francois Truffaut Scores, Jeanne Dillmanns)
Le Sacre du Printemps – Brian Jonestown Massacre & Asia argento (Musique des film imagine, A records)

La France:

Monde – Stranded horse (Luxe, Tailtres)
Feu Chatterton – A l´aube (s/t EP, la ballaine)
Where is John ? – Blonde Redhead – (Peel Sessions 7”, Numero)

Konzerte Preview:

Yes we can fly Minifestival

Lights – Sicker Man (the Missing)
Variations em mi – M.i.p.v –  (tape)

Memphis – Karl Blau (7”, Introducing Karl Blau)
Mark Kozelek – Float on (Sings Favourites)

Kraak Showcase Preview:

Flynt´s everlovin – Hellvete (sotu festival sampler)
Reaper – Razen (Endryhmes, kraak)

Quantum Lion – Hayvlanlar Alemi (Visons of Psychedelic Ankara, glitterbeat)
Atuka Mhondoro – Jacob Mafuleni & Gary Gritness (12”, Nyami Nyami records)



12.6 yes we can fly fest @ so36 w/ sicker man & mipv / ziguri / guts pie earshot & camera
16.6 Sun Kil Moon @ Heimathafen Neukölln
29.6 Karl Blau & air cushion finish @ Schokoladen
2.7 KRAAK Showcase @ Ausland w/ Hellvete, Razen, Lieven Martens Moana


Photo / Plakat yes we can fly minifestival Guts Pie Earshot – Petros Voulgaris / Design, Illustration & Screenprinting


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