Playlist: the little dog laughed radio #28


Playlist the little dog radio #28 – 1.9.2016 piradio, 88.4 fm – link for relistening soon

21.30 – 23 pm

Luster – Are you going to leave me ? (Hellvete split 10“, Morc)

loner folk:
Scott Fagan – in my head (south atlantic blues)
mark kozelek and desert shore – (s/t CD) – taverns cloud

nino ferrer & radiah – le sud (7“)
feu! chatterton – bic medium (ici le jour)

outernational 7“:

obar no ni – yusuf bayani (philophon 7″)
berflasana 3.34 – Ahmed Sharif Yusuf (afro 7“)
tarhanine tegla – group d`Afous d `Afous (Sahel Sounds 7″)


i´m on my way – A.Mosly (Angola Prison Spirituals, Death is not the End tape)
a few mistakes / boys – Ssaliva (Mercury Coast tape)


carol, 4am – the Iditarod (foxfur and rarebits, morc)
flying high – john Berberian and the modern eastern ensemble
(salda alay – the sound of armenian diaspora 69-79)
knocked around – Dinosaur Jr. (give a glimpse…)

Concrete Statement – david thomas broughton (clippling lack)


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