Fatih Akin ´s version of Herrndorf´s amazing youngsters novel “Tschick” is in the cinemas since last thursday and to my point of view it´s absolutely worth seeing. If you are once used to the harsh language, the trash dialogues and the shiny almost surreal colors in the lets say first 10 minutes of the movie,  you will enjoy the last 80 minutes with a lot of smiles.

And like there were 2 Million different interpretations of the book, there will be as well thousands of different interpretations and memories of each spectator of the movie.

Don´t think to much about it especially when your 15 years old – just do it like Akin says in the Making of. But please read after wahtching the movie Herrndorfs ” posthum released fragmentic novel “Bilder einer großen Liebe” meant to be a kind of follow – up to Tschick with the main figure Isa. It´s stunning, poetic and mesmerizing.

Verrückt sein heißt ja auch nur, dass man verrückt ist und nicht bescheuert” Isa, in Bilder einer grossen Liebe, Wolfgang Herrndorf

Good feature about the movie tschick by the way in september issue of intro magazine and as well here:


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