Ozon´s “Frantz”

An incredible precise, deep, sensitive movie, emotional to the bones with two almost unknown actors, playing brilliantly and heartbreaking a story that has never been told like that: Vulnerable faces mirror a society that is wounded after the war and the effort to establish some trust, shown via the characters of Anna and Adrien, both somehow victims of the war.

Edgar Reitz Heimat & Lars von Trier´s Antichrist and Melancholia comes into mind, Jurek Becker´s Jacob, der Lügner the deep melancholy of the movie is never mere kitsch, never false never phony.



And: The film is very political. Almost, 100 Years ago, there has been similar political and social fractures i society , that collapsed in the first world war- so remember those days and the consequences.It´s still in our DNA.

See it best in kino international with a big screen to feel the mostly black / white images in french / allemand in its entiety.

Amazing Debut by actress Paula Beer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ops3ndC2V2g

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