* Le Berceau, La Cicatrice et le Révélateur – Scenes et Musiques des Films de Philippe Garrel *

Here is my second “Scenes et Musique des Films” mix with film scenes & scores after the Jean-Luc Godard mixes.
Inspired by the retrospective in Arsenal Cinema with the films of Phillipe Garrel, here is a mix of his early film scores mixed with film scenes & excerpts of interpretations of the wonderful “Le Revélateur” e.g by Mary Lattimore/Jeff Ziegler released early this year as well as two other scores. Sorry for the lo-fi quality of some sounds.

films and music of:

Le Berceau de Cristal (1976)
La Cicatrice intérieure (1972)

Le révélateur (1968)
score & interpretations by:

Vincenzo Romania – Soundtrack for Le Révélateur
Year of Birds – Le Révélateur
Music Inspired by Philippe Garrel’s Le Révélateur – Mary Lattimore and Jeff Ziegler

by joe le taxi 10/16
the photo is a is a still of the inner sleeve
by Matt Lattimore / Jeff Ziegler

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