Howl with Capitalism or Teenage Dreams so Hard to Beat: American Honey

American honey is a film by Andrea Arnold of more than 2 & a half hours that proves once again that north america has more to offer than trump / clinton. In a road trip through the america mid west, oil fields, wal marts and rich suburbs, 18 Year old “Star” escapes her nightmare called home for an adventure and the promise to earn easy money with some freaky  shady teenagers trying to sell some magazines.

Well, the kids are not alright to quote Larry Clark, who´s 90ies masterpiece “kids” come into mind.They seem to be a mix of all types of lets say last 30 years of american alternative culture, abusing drugs & stealing, dreads, piercings, skateboards, rats, dogs, tattoos, listening to hip hop, punk,sitting at a camp fire, fighting loser games. But there is confrontation with “the other side” when trying to sell magazines to christian families, oil workers or rich texan cowboys who are not always as bad as they seem. We see the world through the curious eyes of Star as a new unexperienced seller, being skeptical about telling fake stories as a manner to promote their stuff. Howl with the wolves – it´s capitalism baby! – or be honest and get in danger of being dropped by the boss for not having sold the average. Here the film reminds of the french film
le grand soir (“der Tag wird kommen”).

Lots of dialogues seem to be improvised & little is scripted. The pure impulsive acting of the main actors Shia la Beouf and particularly Sasha Lane as “Star” is incredible. So is the eclectic selection of the soundtrack and when there´s the whole bunch in the bus singing to the “american honey” country ballad with its simple freedom lyrics you´ll get the feeling that there is a kind of american identity after all or a common history in this history – less country of immigrants.

America has always produced its own counterculture. So recharge and revolt! See  the film e.g. in OV in b – ware ladenkino, very late. It´s the right spirit there.

Raveonettes – recharge & revolt

US Trailer

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