The little dog laughed radio #30 tonight

Tonight, thursday, 24th. nov. 22 – 24 pm cet

(new starting time & two full hours)

the little dog laughed radio # 30 oder 88.4 fm (Berlin) 90.7 Potsdam…


# Autumn Raggas & American Primitive music by Jack Rose, Nevada Greene and from the “Imaginational Anthems” fingerpicking loner folk – Compilation on Tompkins Square

# Okrarina records #9: Léonore Boulanger et Maam-Li Merati

# Tangos by John Luries Brother Evan Lurie

# A live film music set featuring music by Philippe Garell & Chris Marker´s La Jetté and Jodorowsky´s Dance of Reality

# Afro Soul from Burkina Faso from the amazing “Bobo Yeye” – Compilation on Numero

# Jazz Reissues from Sudan, Mali and Nigeria by Saif Abu Bakr & the scorpions Aleke and Djata Band du Mali

# oriental disco with Ziad Rahbani and Raja Zahr

# kraut & ambient by Laraaji, the Caretaker, Camera

# piano sonates by Emahoy Tsegué Maria Guebru


Sharon Jones
Leonard Cohen

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