* Winter, my dear Mixtape & the saddest music #7 dj set

Here´s a 2 hours mixtape produced for the little dog laughed radio # 31 2016 the 22nd dec 2016 22 – 24pm with beloved quiet winter tunes mostly from 2016 issues or reissues. It ends as an annex with some spiritual jazz tunes to pray for a better year 2017.


Léonore Boulanger et Maam-Li Merati / Jessica Moss / Delphine Dora / Daniel Bachman / joe Bethancourt/
United Bible Studies / Perota Chingo / Volta Seca com Conjunto e Coro / Donovan Quinn & Michael James Tapscott / David Thomas Broughton / Mark Kozelek & Desertshore / Camera /
Emahoy Tsegue Mariam Guebrue / Yishak Banjaw / Emma Tricca / Plinth / The Caretaker / Molnbär av John / John Cale / Johnny Frierson / Jandek

Bonus: Matana Roberts / Laraaji / Brother Ah

by joe le taxi 12/16
for broadcast @ piradio
22.12.2016 22-24pm
88.4 fm berlin or 91.3 fm potsdam


This is the first & the second part of yesterdays dj set @ volksbühne, the saddest music #7 as the little dog cried dj with an annex 3 of some tracks, I played after the show that I recorded later, though I forgot to record the third part after the concerts.

So here are as far as I remember:

first set:

* Scott Tuma / the caretaker / Delphine Dora / Plinth / United Bible Studies / Sir Richard Bishop/ Perry Leopold
* Film scores: la Jetté / Dance of Reality / Viva Maria / Tired sur le Pianiste / Valerie and her week of wonders
* Ian Mathews / Directorsound / Claire Leclerq / alexandru andries / Christophe / aroah / Black Heart procession
Second set:
* Leonore Boulanger et Maam-Li Merati / Harisis group / Evan Lurie / Astor Piazzola /Emahoy Tsegue Guebru

* Volta Seca com Conjunto e Coro / Mark Kozelek / John Cale
18/12/2016 by joe le taxi

photo shot in a church in greifswald

the title is a quote from the amazing “volta seca” track, thanks for aquarium drunkyard for the tristetropique mix the volta seca track is taken from. This mix is stunning!

Delphine Dora & Jessica Moss (I took excerpts for the winter mix)

Perota Chingo

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