the little dog radio #32 playlist & relisten

The little dog laughed radio #32 – 19.jan. 2017 @ piradio
Folklore Tapes special

Ein special über das folklore tapes Label, die musique concrete, spoken word & field recordings mit Traditionen britischer Mythologie verbinden. „Folklore Tapes is an open-ended research project exploring the vernacular arcana of Great Britain & beyond; traversing the myths, mysteries, magic & strange phenomena of the old counties .”


10″ series: Ornithology: The Robin-Dean McPhee/Mary Arches -The room // Megalithic Monuments Stanton Drew Stone Circle: The Petrified Wedding-David Chatton Barker & Ian Humberstone // Rituals & Practices: Crown & Cross – Magpaghi//Spell-Paper Dollhouse//Graves: Anworth Kirk-Jays Grave Pt.I / Little Man-D. Orphan//Inland Water: Sam McLoughlin&David Haycock/ Ian Humberstone-Song For Mariann Voaden (two witches)/Ocultural Creatures: The Black Dog of Newgate//David Orphan-Songs for Hannah Henley//Magpaghi-Pine Forest//Quakers Stang-Spectre Huntsman


the litte dog laughed radio # 32 pt 2
23-24 pm @ piradio

(after the folklore tapes special)


New releases:

i want to hold your hand – David Greenberger, Glenn Jones, Chris Corsano (an idea in everything)
The Reign Of The White Plague – United Bible studies (rosary Bleeds)
Treaty of Fort Laramie – Matana Roberts (for standing rock ep)
Records from France:
lanceuse bantou – Francis Bebey (cameroon,un petit ivoirienne)


Bala et ses baladins – mariama (s/t)
bembeya jazz national – armée guinéenne (editions sylyphone conacry sampler)
toubaka – Kouyate Kandia (7“)

Burkina Faso:
echo del africa – yala trama magni (7″ pitched down)
Amadou Ballake – baden djougou (ouga affair sampler)

outernational 7″ / reissues:

Alogte Oho – Mam Yinne Wa (Philophon 7″,Ghana)
Hoodna orchestra – Yelden (7″ israel/Egypt)
rajaad layoon- abdul el omari (nuits d´été, maroc 1979/2016)

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