playlist: the little dog laughed radio #33



playlist: the little dog laughed radio #33
piradio 88.4 fm
22 – 24 pm

ambient / kraut / space folk

the space between – Joanna Brouk
echo waves – Manuel Götsching – inventions for electric guitar
mv & ee – return from the stars (alpha lyrae)

american primitive

Richard Osborn – the king walks by (endless)
Sagas – dance of the kildeer (red in the hollow)

Spiritual Jazz

doug carn – revelation (revelation)
the common women – high risk 7“( pitched down)
Mor Thiam – ayo ayo nene (dini safarrar, jazzman)
Quem sou eu? – Pedro Santos (Krishnanda)
yo chavez / lowrider – Yussef Kamaal (Black focus)

Afro Soul & Jazz

Warleef Jigeen – Guelewar
malade ya bolingo – O.K Jazz (loningisa years 1965 – 1961)

Filmmusic (15 min set)

„Amer“ bruno nicolai / stelvio cipriani /
Jean – Daniel Simon´s „ils“ soundtrack (pieree vassiliu) /
only lovers left alive ( josef van wissen / squirl)

Postpunk & indie

c´est ça l´amour – cheveu (7“)
homosexualis discothecus – violence conjugal (7“)
borderline schizophrenic – matt elliot (10“)
coming home – flying saucer attack 7“
the weight – hood 7“ (excerpt)
universal cooler – Third Eye Foundation 7“


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