playlist & relisten little dog radio #34


second hour of yesterday´s show via mixcloud soon to come…

#ambient psychedelia folk

intro: tom carter – Spring (the hired hands – Bruce Langhorne tribute sampler
sail away – C. Ström (sing and plays)
unusual day – Philip Lewin (s/t)
soloist – Steve gunn (ancient jules)

# calypso, pop & northern soul

brave son of america – C.W Stoneking (jungle blues)
olivia – snails (safe in silence)
be true to your bar – magnetic fields (50 song memoir)
cousin larry – donovan quinn (dad was buried in his leather jacket 7“) # neo californian garage:
sun ship – the brian Jonestown Massacre (sun ship 10“)
babys ok – hanni el khatib (savage times)
the molochs – charly´s lips (americas velvet glory)
stay dog strut – the buttertones (8“)
öppna sinnen stängs nu – Brian Jonestown Massacre (open minds now close 12“)

terryain – luka productions (fasokan)
magrebi – Ahmed Abdul-Malik (the eastern sounds of Ahmed Abdul-Malik )
cha-ka cha -loi tok tok (afro 7″)
liverpool – mac & party (afro 7″)
kizunguzungu – Menge jazz (afro 7“)

asian music from akuphone label:

naan unna thedum – parameesh (sri lanka, singalese and tamil folk pop music)
unknown (lam seung, Sothy, Laos)
ne penser qu´as toi – mol kamach (cambodia, 7“)
deepa tupe vihare – sanath nandasiri (sri lanka, singalese and tamil folk pop music)

#disco, downbeat & reggae
Slaving – lloyd parks (inna de yard 12“)
Ken Boothe – let the water run dry (inna de yard 12“)
I love you – Karriem (disco 12)
Firefighter – cigarettes after sex (EP)

Ending – steve shelley (the hired hands – tribute sampler for Bruce Langhorne )

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