the little dog laughed radio #35

the little dog laughed radio # 35
13.4. 2017 @ piradio 22-24 pm

Ambient / Indian Ragas:
Dadra – Shivkumar Sharma & Zakir Hussain
Chamber Music – Derek Gripper
Stara Rzeka – Stara Rzeka
Heavy Water / I’d Rather Be Sleeping – Ryley Walker

Experimental Tapes:
sida a – Simon Scott (Stuk)
Complex Lights – Thé Deluge (Forest Structures)
side b – Greek Ethno Music Location Recordings (excerpt)

Spiritual Jazz / Beat Poets:
Africanos / Latinos – Kahil El’Zabar’s Ritual Trio
American Haikus – Jack Kerouac
Psychedelic Soul On Wax – Mushroom

Afro Soul / Disco:
El Sheikh Sairo – The Scorpios
Réu Confesso – Tim Maia (1973)
lamento – Tim Maia (1972)

Mount Eerie:
Real Death/Seaweed/Ravens – (A crow looked at me)

Video excerpts James Baldwin:
James Baldwin on a black US President (1965)
Who is the Nigger? – James Baldwin
outro: Jack Kerouac – Blues & Haikus
sorry for the bad recording – for the live broadcast it was
leveled by the technic team


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