Veloce come il vento – Giulias großes Rennen

Veloce come il vento (Giulias großes Rennen) is the name of a really beautiful, rich and thrilling film by Matteo Rovere that has been shown yesterday in a italian double feature night in lichtblick – kino with the film Non essere captive (Tu nicht Böses) by Claudio Caligari with promising actress Roberta Mattei playing in both movies, presenting the films and answering questions after the movies.

Veloce…is the story of a 17 year old female race driver and her struggle after the death of her father and coach. But its as well a store of her dysfunctional family. Heartbreaking and thrilling till the last seconds.

Non essere …is the last film of Claudio Caligari who died just 2015 unfortunately  right after the finishing of this movie. It is the story of two outsiders playing in the mid 1990ies in Ostia, reminding deeply of godard´s  early films like a bout de souffle (ausser atem) or bande a part (die Aussenseiterbande) or pasolini´s stories of the “raggazzi di vita” the people of the roman suburbs.

Veloce come il vento is still to see the next days in lichtblick kino and in some other small cinemas and the dvd of both films will soon be available as well.

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