Relisten: the final saddest music in the world contest dj sets

This is the live recorded dj set the 17.6 2017 at roter salon volksbühne at the saddest music in the world contest #9 – the last one at roter salon sadly.
The live performances were really amazing this time, there should not have been any “winner”.

So here is the dj sets in 3 parts I played at that evening before, between and right after the

w/ Joanna brouk / tom armstrong / dean mc. phee / the caretaker / ennio morricone / a. jodorovsky / leonie boulanger et mam li merati / seyyan hanim / leyla nur / oum kalthoum / nina simone / ed askew



the counts / the dixie hummingbirds / abner jay / c.ström / julie christie / irma thomas / dead man´s bones / the black heart procession / the sound of armenian diaspora (excerpt) / rita abatzi / rosa eskenazy / unknown greek rebetika singer/ w.d.amaradera (excerpt, sri lanka, singalese and tamil folk – pop music) / c.w stoneking / mark lennegan & isobel campbell


So here is pt 3 after the concerts (a bit more eclectic & freestyle – there was just one working turntable, so i had to improvise a bit with some cd´s I took fortunately with me)

I hear talking of people
the whole world has gone insane
all there is left
is the falling rain
(link wray / karl blau)

photo by joanna gemma auguri just before the contest
thank you !


karl blau / abdou el omari / camera / navylectre / georges brassens / mark kozelek / francois hardy / brigitte fontaine / wyrd visions & castlemusic / beck

It´s been a really good time at roter salon 9 times & I hope the contest will continue at some other place!

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