Nuits d´été / Arabian Nights

Carlos Casas


Lately there has been a number of great reissues of LP´s by abdou al amiri, al masrieen, said abu bakr and the scorpions but as well new releases like israels´ hoodna orchestra or derya yilderim & grip simsek who transfer the classic melodies to the present.

So here´s a selection of classic & modern arabian music with excursions to turkey, eritrea, israel, sudan & tajikistan taken from recent 7″ & reissues. The title is a quote by Abdou El Omari´s Nuits d´été reissued via radio martiko.

This is the long version edited for the radio emission the little dog laughed radio #38 the 6.7.2017 22pm on piradio 88.4 fm with more classic arabic tracks in the last hour.

It is embraced by filmmaker carlos casas incredible field recordings in tajikistan, I took some excerpts from the Lp´s.

w/ carlos casas (intro & outro) / the scorpios / rota band / abdou el amiri / al massrieen / orhan gencebay / omar souleyman / Group Doueh & Cheveu / raja zahr / derya yilderim & grup simsek / tewolde redda / hoodna orchestra / oum kalthoum / farid el attache / mohammed abdel wahab / leyla nur / aster aweke / maalem mahmoud guinea / seyyan hanim /m.kekili / saif abu – bakr

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