ghost clubbing – a selection of contemporary & classic postpunk tracks

…with excursions to kraut & experimental dark wave tracks
for detailed playlist write me – most cuts from recent vinyl 7″, LP´s or reissues

with:(in no right order) rodion g.a. / the pin group / mushroom / sibyl vane / bauhaus / the organ / the microphones / the brian jonestown massacre / the buttertones / the molochs / hanni el khatib / cheveu / the durutti column / hood / abwärts / ghost club / love theme / sofa / thurston moore / the psychedelic furs / pierre et bastian / occidental white / jac berrocal & david french & vincent epplay / & an excerpt of some obscure kraak 7″called “the secret live of plants – a crap wave compilation” I have no clue which song I recorded

photo shot in kreuzberg  / athens 2017


by joe le taxi



amazing album b.t.w and especially the last hypnotic monster track by ex dirty beaches´alex zhang hungtai:


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