Fragments of a Rainy Season

(john cale)

Here are some fragments of latest amazing releases & reissues
to survive rainy & subtropical Berlin without writing big words about it, for more information read the labels information of the releases in the links here.
Can´t really say it better, than they do & I am really tired these days.

Apart from that, let the music talk…


Fletcher Tucker – Cold Spring
(gnome life)

Everybody´s talking (gnome life digital)


Delphine Dora & Mocke – Le Corps défendant



Eloise Decazes & Eric Chenaux




il bestiario – maria monti (holiday records, reissue)


Sun Kil Moon – 30 Seconds to the Decline of Planet Earth

Listen to the whole LP (caldo Verde)

To me, the lp is a bit mediocre and not as thrilling as the first jesu / sun kil moon collaboration (where are the guitars?) and Mark Kozelek has to be careful, not to issue every thought coming into his mind in his nevertheless amazing autobiographical music – diary, not to become a klischee of his own. Apart from that, especially the lyrics in the michael jackson song (“he´s bad”) are at least questionable – but the song twenty something and one or two others as well are still really good:

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