playlist the little dog radio #39

@ piradio
14.09 2130 – 23h


eloise decazes – quand je menais mes Cheveau boire (la bride)

folklore tapes
the folklore of plants lp:
birch – the silver funds / balm – t e u
mary stark – lavender /
sage – bridged hayden /
Delphine Dora – lily of the valley
sacred islands flexi 7“: the magic of isle maree
scarifying the bull / the burial ground

Noveller: deep shelter (a pink sunset for no one) / starve (unfact split)
Rick Deitrick: Roto Rain (Gentle Wilderness) // Wide River (River Sun River Moon)
William Beeley: Walk (Gallivantin)
Richard Twice – if I knew you were the one (Richard Twice)
Fletcher Tucker: Dark Teaching (cold spring)
il letargo – Maria Monti (il bestario)

we jazz: Finnland Grotto 10“ Series’:
dunstan – super slavic
mirkko inanen – song for a new decade
yukka eskola – soft drop

Soldier – Richard Dawson (Peasant)


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