Playlist the little dog laughed radio #40 – SUN RA Special vol. #1

playlist the little dog #40
– SUN RA Special vol. #1

12.10.17 2130 – 23pm
piradio 88.4 fm

black man (universe in blue)
along came ra (the lost arkestra series 10“)

50ies (Post Be – Bop)

india (super sonic jazz)
Oktober (spaceship bop)
overtones of china (visits planet earth)
sun song (sun song )

60ies (free jazz)

love in outer space (secrets of the sun)
when sun´s come out (we travel the space way)
spiral galaxy (other planes out here)
shadow world (the magic city)
tiny pyramids (angels and demons at play )
the lady with the golden stockings (plutonian nights

70ies (experimental / disco / soul / psychedelic)

biosphere blues (continuation)
my brother the wind (my brother the wind)
sun earth rock (the night of the purple moon)

wait for you (stange celestial road)


a joyful noise 1980 (Robert Mugge)
space is the place 1973 / 2017 (john coney)

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