the sky is an empty eye – the richard dawson dj set at berghain kantine

This is the dj set live recorded before the amazing concert last Wednesday by richard dawson at berghain kantine.

It starts with tracks by the labels folklore tapes & okraina then continues with a selection of beloved “outsider folk” tracks, at least music difficult to dance to. The cover is a still of the folklore tapes flexi 7″ “the legend of the isle maree” the set stats with. The title is a track name by the tom armstrong LP reissued recently. Some tracks are for some reason over – modulated, sorry for that.

For detailed playlist write me

ian humblestone / mary arches / rev galen / delphine dora / eloise decazes & eric chenaux / the iditarot / idaho joe windslow / michael yonkers / john jacob niles / ed askew / ryley walker/ ignatz / tom armstrong /donovan quinn / c.ström / matt valentine / ben watt / robert wyatt / znr / windy & carl / black ox orchestra / moonrise kingdom OST (a.desplat) / karl blau / little wings (fade out)

by joe le taxi
86 min.

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