Re:2017 Part I: Full length Records


Here are my 2017 favorites in music embraced by the two end – of – the – year – mixtapes, I made, one for re radio emission the second for friends.

(A winter 17 mix feat. tracks & excerpts of (mostly) 2017 issues and reissues
by manduka, serge gainsbourg & jean-claude vannier, noveller, kamasi washington, jeanne lee, mount eerie, sun kil moon, moses nesh, jeremy barnes, c.w. stoneking, richard dawson, kurt vile & courtney barnett, carla dal forno, alice coltrane – 79 min as well in a small cd-r edition of #5 for friends)

Voilá, here we go:

Full length LP´s

mount eerie – a crow looked at me

As well the most touching concert I have ever seen in my life in silent green berlin, Phil Elverum singing solo with his guitar, like he did in his early beginning of mount eerie. Listening to the lyrics of the LP is almost imbearable – as is life sometimes. Death is real, his songs are immortal. R.i.p Geneviève Elverum.

peasant – richard dawson

Another outstanding concert, I had been to this year was richard dawson in berghain kantine and I was overwhelmed by his way of singing and creating complex songs of sheer beauty.


fletcher tucker – cold spring (gnome life)

Gnome life´s founder fletcher tucker´s debut release is an instant ambient folk masterpiece.


timber timbre – sincerely, future pollution (arts & crafts)
2017´s political themes are perfectly captured in the sound and the dystopic atmosphere of this album


the molochs – americas velvet glory (innovative leisure)
smells like its 1965. Yeah.


pool of light – jessica moss (constellation)
godspeed! you black emperor – luciferian towers (constellation)


Constellation keeps its high standard of post rock – exp. music with innovative new releases by jessica moss, salt land or those who walk away as well as classics like GYBE who did a really good one 2017 with luciferian towers.


Oiseaux-Tempête ‎– Al-‘An! الآن (sub rosa)

Another post rock band on tour with Godspeed are from belgium and did a really fine release this year with arabian influences.



the scorpios – s/t (afro seven)

An incredible groovy & eclectic sound by these exile sudanese musicians living in london now.
Listen to El Sheikh Sairo


john maus – screen memories

the monster synthies of “the combine” are as worth as any ph.d in political philosophy


Moses Nesh ‎– No Labor-Saving Machine (Keeled scales)

After listing last year to the Great EP the lovely Ohio via dying for bad music the voice of Atlanta´s Isaac Moses Stroupe stays in mind, so I was glad, to get hold of the first LP this year



annabel (lee) – the cleansing (young bloods)

after “by the sea…” another hypnotic records between jazz, moody soul, bossa and trip hop by richard ellis and the incredible voice of sheila brown ellis


EP`s, 7″, 10″, reissues & films still to come…


Here´s the 2017 radio mix again.

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