playlist the little dog #44 @piradio, 88.4 fm

annabel (lee) – Acquaintance (the Cleansing)

new folk
Bedouine – summer cold (bedouine)
moses nesh – bound to ride
camille banquet – acoustique session
Kenji Endo – curry rice (even a tree can shed a tear, japanese folk 1968-73 compilation)

strange 80ies reissues

siassia et tokobina – in the world (nouvelle ambiance 12“)
shams dinn – shams dinn (s/t)

east meets west jazz

the night – Ahmed Abdul Malik (east meets west )
arabaya – john Berberian (expressions east)
kamal keila – al asafir (Habibi Funk compilation)

Spiritual Jazz

the descendants of mike and phoebe – coltrane (a spirit speaks)
jef Gilson:
Enfin: anaporphose
oil vision: chant inca
Pharao Sanders – Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord (excerpt, deaf, dumb, blind)

reissues / compilations:

djanfa magne – Youssouf Diarra dit El Grand Ballaké
(the original sound of burkina faso)

belle isle daze – The Lyman Woodard Organization (Saturday Night Special)

maria también – khruangbin (con todo la mundo)

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