* thunder & sea gypsies – a japanese folk & psych compilation *



back cover of the ranbo minami 7″


Inspired by the wonderful compilation “even a tree can shed tears – japanese psych – folk 1969 – 73  by light in the attic recently, here´s my own compilation of some beloved japanese music I collected. So here a mix with some beloved japanese folk, psych & avantgarde film songs


kenji endo (from the even a tree can shed tears compilation)
– instrumental music from Japanese pink violence movies
– film music from a weird “kadakawa film music sampler”
– a rare 7″ by ranbo minami
– jazz by maki asakawa
– an excerpt from midori takada´s masterpiece “through the looking glass”
– kraut- psych by ryo kawasaki
– avantgarde film music by the mystery kindaichi band
– excerpts by the legendary japanese noise band Les Rallizes Dénudés

60 min

by joe le taxi

ps. a cover is a blurred still of ryo kawasaki´s selected works reissues by nu northern soul – the title of the mix is is as well the name of the ryo kawasaki song featured here




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