Sunday Selection : Mint Field, Pierre Vassiliu, Feu!Chatterton

It´s already already mid – march and today was the first sunny day of spring in Berlin. So let´s have a look to some of the new releases out there to listen to being in the park or in the pubs.

So first there´s the second LP by Feu! Chatterton, whose first self named EP and then the Debut “Ici le jour” 2015  was a revelation, that closed the gap after Noir Desir´s tragic ending without being a pure copy of it. There were elements of psychedelia, punk, rockabilly, folk and even some disco (la malinche).

So now the second LP called L’Oiseleur is released yesterday. After first listening, it´s more electro, more pop, more vintage keyboards and less guitars.

Listen to Souvenir:

To be honest, I´m a bit disappointed. Most of the songs – except for maybe Ginger – lack their cachyness & their amazing melodies. Moreover, the 80ies keys and the whole production gives the LP somehow a very flat, poppy and kind of cheesy sound.

Listen to Ginger:

Although the songs of Feu! Chatterton were always complex and hardly easily structured, e.g. in the 18 Minutes song “Bic medium”, the final one on ici le jour, those tracks grew and grew. And, I am not really sure if this happens with this LP as well, maybe it´s my skepticism concerning electro pop sounds or my berlin – electro – overflow – trauma, but even after several listening, the songs of L’Oiseleur are not really growing. So take e.g.the song: Anna, a great chorus, a great song structure but then: the keyboard takes over and destroys the whole song!

So there are some interesting songs (so e.g. la fenetre, l´ívresse) still, and it´s not at all a bad album, en contraire – but compared to the richness of ici le jour it´s – the difficult second album – to me simply not a masterpiece.

Let´s see how they perform it live on the tour in france, where I will see them in Bataclan the 10th of april.



Another french release is the Reissue or better compilation of b – sides of Songs by Pierre Vassiliu, a french Poet and Singer who had some success in the 70ies and little in the 80ies and died in 2015. To me, songs like “Monpellier” are timeless.


Born Bad records:

“Qui c’est celui-là?” Many French asked themselves this question (“Who’s that guy?”) when the song bearing this title began to smash the hit parade in 1975. Some others already had parts of the answer: it’s the guy who sang “Amour amitié”! The guy who sang “La femme du sergent”! The guy who sang “Armand” in “Le Petit Conservatoire de Mireille”! To all those French, Vassiliu had always been reduced. Few were the real fans, who had explored all angles and taken the measure of the man.

Vassiliu was – awful word – a poet. Even worse, he was an wandering entertainer. He wandered the world, bringing back words, sounds, instruments and feelings. Maybe his rhymes weren’t that rich, the instrumentation not too lush, the production quite laid-back and the timbre rather little demanding, but you could be sure the song would be pampered. Had anyone else taken care of it, it would have been worse. To make a good Vassiliu song, you had to be Vassiliu. The problem is, all this was nothing but a succession of misunderstandings. Because he continuously tried to remodel his career, from a chansonnier to a cunning singer, from tender to comical, to a beatnik poet, to an ethno-artist, to a venue manager, to a showman, to a barfly.


Clovis: “He actually was a real artist. Even if I never wanted to admit it as a child. There’s something noble. This I didn’t discover before the age of 20. I didn’t see the creative side, the ‘artist’ side, well, the deep side.” A misunderstanding. Bien entendu.


At last, lets listen to the debut Pasar de las Luces by the mexican band Mint Field, who performed a great concert last thursday in sticky neukölln loophole. The are signed by innovative leisure and their music meander between psych-rock, postpunk, kraut and postrock with the singing by Estrella Sanches in a dark high voice, that somehow doesn´t seem to belong really to the drums and guitar sounds, which gives the songs some thrilling counterpoint and weirdness.

I could listen to the tape I bought, over and over again. The play SWSX -Festival this year.

Good luck to the young band. Great record!

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